Blobar is India’s first blowdry bar only. We believe in the transformative power of a simple blowout. It’s a concept created out of a need to have a “girls club”. A place for the ladies to hang out, get spoilt, exchange ideas, make conversation, enjoy a mocktail or coffee. Our USP is the promise to provide customer delight, to add a little cheer in your day and a spring in your step. We believe in the dignity of labor, in being nice to each other, environmentally friendly and giving back a little to the community in small ways. Meticulous attention to detail, hygiene, uncompromising quality control all in a fun, feel good, vibrant environment is what we strive to offer. We say we’re in the business of selling happiness and confidence. That we believe is worth much more than our price tag. Stop by, get to know us, tell us your story. The BLOBAR is set up like a “bar” to encourage conversations. Bring a girlfriend or come over and make a new one. We hope that over time, you’d have exchanged stories with some of the most dynamic women around the city and you never know where a simple blowout could take you! 


Pick your Poison from a variety of styles (Includes a shampoo and conditioner) or Pamper Those Locks with a Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask. Join our Membership Program and become a Blobar Queen.